When it was announced that two Benelux players were removed from the DefuseKids lineup, few expected the French players THE_F and zlatan to be the ones to fill that hole. But Uzuma, kajsk1ng and dltr liked what they saw and recruited them. However, a lacklustre performance at the Gallantry LAN in Budapest saw kajsk1ng leave the team, in search of greener pastures, which he found with Avenue. It was up to the remaining four players to find a new player, who they found in Mastermind, who had left the defunct Project9 team. Mastermind complemented the raw firepower of the team with several brilliant tacnades which further increased the already high skillcap that the team possessed.

After some more roster issues which saw k1aStaR and sus enter, will these late changes pay off at the Major?


belgium uzuma

netherlands dltr

france zlatan

portugal k1aStaR

united kingdom sus