Out of the ashes rises the phoenix, and so too does it seem to go for LuxGaming Clan. When internal turmoil split the former EndPoint lineup apart, it wasn't long before rumours of a revival lineup, formed by the two black sheep of the disbanded team SA1NT and iconz, started doing the rounds through the Battalion community. When former star player j_money also joined this lineup, it seemed that the stars were aligning for the team. Joined by German hot property f1ashyyy and the Ukranian Max-Strafe, LuxGaming Clan quickly rose through the ranks as Bot123 and announced their re-emergence in the Battalion scene with a bang by beating out their former comrades of Endpoint to seal their qualification for the Battalion Major.

The players are no doubt talented enough to go on and do great things at the coming event in the Netherlands.


germany f1ashyyy

netherlands iconz

united kingdom j_money

united kingdom sa1nT

ukraine Max-Strafe.