Formed out of the cores of the former Dominatorz and PENTA team, Team Endpoint is arguably the best Battalion 1944 team currently around. Featuring a mix of high fragging capabilities and smart play, the team has thrived since early beta releases of the game. Led by Call of Duty veteran Mark 'mark' Horner, the team looks set to take the major by storm, showing that it doesn't matter whether you all speak the same mother tongue, but rather how well you gel as a team that determines how well you will succeed in this game.

The team is comprised out of players who all played on the highest levels of both Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which gives them not only the experience but also the confidence to try and once again lift the trophy at the coming event.


finland rEplan

finland synde

belgium cozje

united kingdom mark

germany reflexzR